Ceramics for Painters

Alyssa Block
6 Sessions »Thursdays, February 22–March 29

6:30–9:30pm | Studio 106 | $295

No prerequisite.

This six-session course encourages investigation of the relationships between object, narrative, art, and design. Each student will create a three-item collection of three-dimensional ceramic forms, embellished with two-dimensional glaze treatments based on original drawings. Group discussions will highlight other forms of sequential storytelling and both historical and contemporary artists working in this tradition. Demonstrations of building and glazing techniques and critique sessions will support students in their exploration and contemporary application of the materials.

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Alyssa Block is an artist living in San Francisco whose work examines temporality and personal growth. Her drawings and sculptures often reference common methods of communication and the relevance everyday objects. She received her MFA from SFAI in 2013 and has exhibited her work in the United States and Israel.

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