community standards and student responsibility

SFAI seeks to provide students with a rigorous education in the fine arts and preparation for a life in the arts through an innovative, intensive studio environment; a vital liberal arts experience; and engagement with the world at large. To support this mission, SFAI strives to maintain the highest academic and artistic quality, institutional integrity, and freedom of expression for its students, faculty, staff, and larger campus community.

SFAI’s Community Standards, which include our policies and procedures, are designed to:

  • Protect and promote the rights of members of the SFAI community, prevent interference with campus functions or activities, and assure compliance with all pertinent state and federal laws and other applicable SFAI policies.
  • Address the rights and responsibilities of members of the SFAI community and guests while on university property.
  • Provide standards for implementing procedures as a means of sustaining this community.

SFAI students, faculty, staff, and guests cannot use ignorance of these policies as justification for violating community standards, and should understand that procedural expectations may be modified to best serve the involved parties of any given situation. All campus constituents share in the responsibility for maintaining this supportive campus community.

Student Handbook and Disclosure Information for Students

For information about campus policies and programs, download the current Student and Campus Handbook. Included in the Handbook is a summary of federally-required disclosure information for students. Students and campus affiliates are notified each semester of the web address for the Handbook, and of any associated addendums, via email and paper mailbox notification. Printed copies are also available; to request a printed copy, please email or visit the Student Affairs Office on the 800 Chestnut Street campus or at the Graduate Center. Please note that the Handbook is subject to change at any time, and that the electronic copy of the Handbook is the most up-to-date version, taking precedence over any printed copy.

Other SFAI Policies

Students should also be cognizant of policies that impact the larger community, specifically in relation to campus events and equipment check-out:

Facility Use Form
Equipment Check-out Infraction Policy