clubs and organizations

SFAI’s clubs and organizations represent a wide range of student experiences and interests.

The activities, events, and programs sponsored by these groups complement SFAI’s classroom experience by providing recreation, social engagement, and practical training for community service and leadership.

Take some time to view our list of active clubs and organizations. We encourage students to join a club that fits their interests and experiences or to start a new one

Registered Student Groups

To join or get more information about one of the groups below, contact the Student Affairs Office at 415.749.4524.

The DocuPhoto Group focuses on documentary photography. The group holds monthly meetings that show student and professional photographic projects. They are interested in salon-style interactive meetings that allow for attendees to have casual interactions with other photography professionals. At the end of every school year, the group is planning to organize a professional salon where gallery owners, magazine editors, and professional photographers will look at student portfolios.

Advisor: Darcy Padilla
Founded: Fall 2011

Film Salon
The SFAI Film Salon is a weekly screening series organized by SFAI film majors for the entire SFAI community. Held in the Lecture Hall on Tuesdays between 7:30-9:30pm, screenings will incorporate selections from the SFAI Library archive, and from a wealth of resources in the Bay Area and beyond.

Advisor: Kent Long
Founded: Fall 2010

Indigenous Arts Coalition
The purpose of the Indigenous Arts Coalition is to acknowledge and promote SFAI’s contemporary indigenous arts and multicultural students. Our mission is to build relationships, networks, and community through social gatherings, fund raising, and art activities. Please support our mission and be a part of our global unity and love.

Advisor: Rye Purvis, Housing Coordinator
Founded: Spring 2009
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Consciousness of Death Society
The Consciousness of Death Society was conceived of during the spring of 2011 in the ferment of studio 9 New Genres 2, with the inimical Sharon Grace holding court. The founding members are all but gone from SFAI, but Consciousness of Death should not be. In considering the reasons for the reconfiguring and realigning the society, the new members wished to continue earlier iterations' primary motivation of creating a visible space for those artists in our community whose work is performance based. The need for frameworks that can support the explorations of performance work at SFAI outside of the classroom and in settings that offer opportunities for an engagement with a larger audience who can provide a “real world” interface cannot be overstated. The notion of passing this opportunity on in a variety of forms under the aegis of The Consciousness of Death Society is also central to the work we would like to do. Performance as a means of passing information allows this possibility to be realized. With each individual who is asked to perform at an event and with each individual who observes another confronting themselves in the world through performance, a new member becomes conscious.

Advisor: Jennifer Locke
Founded: Spring 2011

Zine Club
Zines are a DIY approach for artists to self-publish their work. The aim of the Zine Club is to help artists improve their ability to translate their work into a printed format, whether through old methods of simple photocopying or with the help of new tools like InDesign. Digitally and physically sharing opportunities are discussed by means of online stores, bookstores, and events such as fairs. Members provide feedback for both content and format and collaboration is encouraged. This club seeks to push the boundaries on what a simple printed book can be and how artists can express their ideas.

Advisor: Tim Berry
Founded: Spring 2013

SFAI Productions
SFAI Productions will find real world opportunities for students to exercise their creative and technical ability in the realm of film, video, photography and graphic design. Money received from Student Union will used to provide food and transportation for interns to get to respective jobs and meetings. There is a need for a club that promotes action among the artists here at sfai. Our production club will act as a link between the opportunities that exist behond the walls of SFAI and the talent housed within it.

Advisor: Jill Tolfa
Founded: Fall 2013

Open Mic Nights
The SFAI Open Mic night is a chance for students to practice performing. The world's a stage for artists to perform; here at Open Mic we practice. Students may sing, read poems, act out skits, or share short stories, both original and not. Students may bring pieces to perform out of pure angst or simply a wish to practice a piece in front of an audience and receive feedback. The Open Mic is hosted every other Sunday night at 7 pm in the Sutter Residence Hall. We invite all to stand in the spotlight, to participate in a fun friendly environment and explore their abilities in front of an audience.

Advisor: Nick Rougely
Founded: Fall 2013

SFAI Petanque Society
The SFAI Petanque Society holds regular games at nearby parks. All are invited to participate, simply stop by the Student Affairs office for information on how to connect with the group.

Advisor: Bob Linder
Founded: Fall 2013

Curatorial Club
As students of SFAI we are fortunate to have countless facilities at our disposal 24 hours, 7 days a week. We should take advantage! Our goal is to bring together the community of artists that is the student body and organize both professional and experimental pop-up exhibitions in the studios provided on campus. All different media types will be welcomed. The emphasis will be on ALL aspects of putting together a show: concept/theme, submissions, advertising, selection, and installation/deinstallation. This club has the intention of providing experience for students who want to develop their interest in curatorial studies/exhibition studies and want to beef up their resume. It also provides opportunities to any SFAI undergrad students who want a place to show their work.  We hope that this will form a new community outlet at SFAI and a place where we can learn and commission lecturing artists.

Advisor: Laura Fantone
Founded: Fall 2013

Grilling Club
Grilling Club is being founded for the purpose of maintaining bi-weekly cookouts in the sculpture lot. The cookouts will be open to all students.

Advisor: Gabriel Penfield
Founded: Fall 2013

Wilderness Collective
The Wilderness Collective exists to create opportunities for students to connect with wild places on the outskirts of the city and beyond. The group can come together for camping, hiking, exploring and simply being among vast open spaces. Members can also share opportunities for volunteer work days on habitat restorations projects through various organizations including The Golden Gate Audubon Society. The faculty advisor is eager to help facilitate visits to private lectures by ecologically focused artists and art showings through organizations such as The Marin Headlands Center for the Arts and The Lucid Art Foundation whose focus is to “explore the relationship between art, consciousness and nature.”

Advisor: Jeremy Morgan
Founded: Spring 2014

Junior Varsity Players
The Junior Varsity Players is a group that focuses on health, fitness, and being active. Events range from frisbee to dodgeball and ping pong. All students are welcome to join regardless of experience level.

Advisor: Tim Sullivan
Founded: Spring 2014

Team Textiles
Team Textiles aspires to gather SFAI students, regardless of major, with an interest in the use of textiles, fiber art, and fiber techniques and concepts. We believe that the textile is utilized within all majors—paint to canvas, screenprinted cotton shirts, costumes in film, photography and performance, fiber installations and sculptures and digital fiber construction via programming—and we will seek to provide a space to exchange knowledge about materials and practice. The team will meet every Friday during the lunch hour in the sewing loft. We aspire to make the loft a lively space to share techniques, artwork, and concepts. Activities will include workshops, screenings, discussions, and lectures on topics such as embroidery/stitching techniques, knitting/croquet, dyeing techniques, sewing machine tutorials, and much more!

Advisor: Nicole Archer
Founded: Spring 2014

Register a New Group

Starting a new club or organization is a simple process:

  • Find at least four (4) registered students who are interested in the same idea.
  • Write a charter statement or the purpose for your group. This statement informs others about why the group exists and could pique someone’s interest in joining your group.
  • Find a faculty or staff member to act as your advisor. If you are having difficulties finding an advisor, contact the Student Affairs Office.
  • Download a Student Group Registration Packet or pick one up in the Student Affairs Office.
  • Completed forms can be submitted to the Student Affairs Office.

Officially recognized student groups enjoy several perks at SFAI, including:

  • Priority access to campus facilities and resources.
  • Special funding consideration from Student Union and LOGS.
  • The privilege of advertising programs and events on SFAI's official Event Calendar and the Student Affairs Facebook page.
  • Recognition on the SFAI website.