The Career Resources Center equips students with the skills, confidence, and knowledge to make informed career choices and to succeed both during school and upon completion of their degrees.

Some of the services offered in the Career Resources Center are detailed below, though our approach is unique to every individual. If you are interested in working with the Career Resources Center, contact us to make an appointment and we will work together to decide which services are right for you.

Individual Career Counseling

Career counseling appointments are available for assistance with a wide variety of career-related topics. Appointments can be used to address specific questions or needs that students have, but are also a good resource for students who might not have a well-formed question or know exactly what their career goals are. An appointment is a good way to start a conversation about the future, identify strengths and weaknesses, and explore options and strategies. Individual meetings can also address job search strategies, how to submit work to a gallery, interviewing skills, and anything else career related.

Job, Internship, and Opportunities Listings

New part-time, full-time, internship, and freelance opportunities are posted daily on SFAI's job board. Visit the Center for more information on external job boards and job and internship search strategies. The job board also serves as a place to search for any opportunities available, including calls for entry, available residencies, and grants. Create a student account or log in here.

Writing Coaching

Appointments are available to assist students in drafting and revising effective professional written documents, including resumes, cover letters, artist statements, application essays, and more.

Workshops and Programs

Professional development workshops offer targeted information to develop and enhance students’ knowledge of the business aspects of the art world and to broaden their lives as art professionals. The Student Affairs Office invites seasoned experts in the field to address a range of professional topics of interest to theorists, curators, and artists in all disciplines.