Our office connects employers with SFAI students and alumni in a wide variety of fields.

Throughout their time at SFAI, students learn in an open and interdisciplinary environment where creativity and critical thinking are fostered. This distinct mode of education in the arts equips students not only to work in their specialized areas of focus, but to be highly adaptable and versatile creative leaders.

The best way to connect with the SFAI community and advertise an opening or opportunity at your organization is through our online job listings. Start by creating an account or logging in as an employer. Once approved, you will have complete access to post, edit, and manage listings.  

SFAI Internship Program

SFAI students pursue internships in a variety of fields, including nonprofit arts administration, graphic design, film production, web design, and many more.  Students complete internships to gain real-world experience in their field, sample a possible career direction, make professional connections, earn school credit, or prepare themselves for a job search.  

Benefits of hiring an SFAI intern include:

  • Low-risk recruiting
  • Fresh talent for specific projects
  • Students gain real work experience
  • Low-cost labor for project assistance
  • Great way to connect to SFAI and the community at large

Requirements of Internship Sites

  • All interns should have regular access to a supervisor, who can provide them with specific feedback and be available to them during their work days.  
  • Internship sites should provide interns with a meaningful understanding of their organization. 
  • Interns should not be restricted to performing menial tasks, but should have opportunities to see the larger workings of the organization. This is often accomplished by inviting interns to sit in on staff meetings and client presentations or to shadow their supervisor through parts of his or her day.  
  • Some students choose to complete internships in order to earn course credit.  For an internship to qualify as a credit-bearing internship, interns must work for a minimum of 90 hours over the course of a 15-week semester.  These internships must begin with the semester cycle, starting in January/February, May/June, and September.
  • Internship sites often ask about compensation for their interns.  Compensation is entirely at the discretion of the organization; however, though students value the experience of an internship, the financial reality for most students is that they are unable to commit to many hours each week of unpaid time.  

Campus Visits

Occasionally, employers visit campus to participate in a panel discussion or to schedule portfolio reviews with students.  If you are interested in scheduling a time to visit our campus, please contact the Career Resources Center.