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Dusan Mills

Dusan Mills is Chairman of Advanced Land Resources, a consulting firm specializing in large-scale urban development projects, particularly those containing heritage, tourism, environmental or marine elements; economic development; financial structuring; and corporate and business processes. He most recently served as Executive Director, Global Head of Development, and CEO of Limitless LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Government of Dubai, with oversight of $100 billion in development commitments. He has been a board member of Hawaiian Group Management and YSC Australia (a wholly-owned Subsidiary of Tokyu Corporation Japan). From 1988 to 1994 he was Director of JLW Special Projects and International Investment - Asia Pacific, where his duties included creation and expansion of national parks in Indonesia and Australia.

Mr. Mills is also a practicing artist working in photography and glassblowing. He holds a Diploma in Television Production from RMIT Australia, and has completed glassblowing coursework and studio practice courses at ANU-Australia, Camji Glass School in Turkey, and various schools in the U.S.