appeals process

A student who is found responsible for any violation of the Student Code of Conduct, the Nondiscrimination/Nonharassment policies, academic policies, or other campus policies has the right to appeal the findings within a specific timeframe and for specific just cause.

If a student believes one of the following conditions exists, the student may file a written appeal:

  1. Substantial and prejudicial failure to follow procedures
  2. Evidence that the sanction was unduly severe
  3. Additional evidence that was not available at the time of the conduct conference

Appeals of sanctions issued by a designated conduct officer must be made in writing to the appropriate appeals officer. In most cases, the appeals officer for general violations of SFAI policies and Code of Conduct will be the Dean of Students, and for cases involving violations of academic policy, the Dean of Academic Affairs. Appeals of original sanctions issued by the Dean of Students must be made in writing to the Vice President of Enrollment and Student Affairs. The letter of sanction or resolution notice of a complaint will contain the appropriate appeals officer.

Appeals must be submitted within five business days of the date the letter of sanction is issued. Late appeals will not be considered. The appeals officer may leave the original sanction intact, reverse the original decision or sanction, or modify the original sanction. This decision is final. Notice of the outcome of appeals will be sent to the student within five business days of receipt of the written letter of appeal. In most cases, students who are appealing their sanction(s) will not be subject to the imposed sanction until their appeal has been resolved.

To appeal a decision or assigned sanction, download the Appeal Request Cover Sheet. This cover sheet should accompany a letter and any back-up documentation explaining the reason for appeal.